Where Are The Readers?



Have you read something today?

As polite as I may say,

If you did, of what kind

Either that drills the brain

Or enkindle the rebel within

Maybe those that lays you in fantasy

Perhaps, I failed to see

What I conceived in this pressing seconds

Is that the majority won’t read



A quote appealed to me in subtle atmosphere

In the vast corner of a deserted room

Whilst in the midst of school work pretenses

Appealed to my senses

“a person who won’t read has no advantage

Over one who can’t read”

-Mark Twain’s



Darn how it felt like

It rushed through my veins

And pummeled by head

Like a battering ram

I’m in deep disappointment

For I live in a time

Where cars meant more than wisdom

Whereas people rarely visit the library

 And fill their aching needs to appear savvy

Or only to dose off..

Again, I’m in deep disappointment



If his proposal were true then,

We are all accused of imbeciles

In our very skin

Such a shame!

To be able to read is an honor

A privilege you can abuse

And without any harm done.

I am but nude if I am not able

I am stupid and isolated If I’m not such

 Definitely weakens me, my morale

My entirety



Hey Mark Twain

You must have been in vain

For this generation sulks in their forfeit

Of their own reasoning and perspective

Books slept like a forlorn child in the shelves

And sullied by dust

Yearned to be open once in a while



I own suffice amount of books

In misfortune most were reference

I didn’t like much so

Because they carry facts

Facts emboldens the mind

But imagination embolden me even more



Do you know bible?

It’s the greatest book I’ve read

It is a fact yet appeals to imagination

So intense, It changes every perspective

Godly inscription bounded in mere human cover

Such appearance tells story, teaches

Humility at every edge and more



Don’t take reading for granted

Not my obligation to explain anyways

Necessity, if you view it that way

Dear schoolmates, for thy own sake

Make your moneys worth

Digest the morals, the inscriptions

I am not urging you to read

But atleast try!