He liked the sandwich I made..I’m so glad…


September 16, 2014

Hashtag student workforce.

But it is not always hardships and and working like a professional bulletin board updater or filing master. Sometimes you get ice cream like thiss!!!!

2014-09-16 13.07.23

*the haggard nursing student face…*

Maam Weng celebrated her 34th birthday.

I was asked to make phone calls, type sportfest schedules and tasking..and even to formulate a theme..

I asked helped to Mark Suba, the sport reporter on UNTV 37 to think of a good theme for our Sports Festival and he gives me lot of ideas..

A parent drop by to the office to clarify or confirm my classmate standing in school. Recently that classmate of mine eloped with her Lesbian girlfriend for the 3rd time. But fortunately she cameback to her maam alive after she overdose her self with assorted hypertensive and sedative drugs and cut her pulse in below wrist. She looks sickly thin. Her beautiful Mom cried to Maam Ibe’s presence. My classmate was really fortunate for having a parent who are willing to support her and continue her education despite being delinquent and hard headed. And I notice that her HRM brother became so gentle to her too.