The Prank Caller

              Image At 9:57 pm, the ringing of my phone cast an odd spell in my somber ,cold room. And as I drop my sincere hello, there were this guys tittering so I manage to think this was a prank call and I declined. Yet, it continues to ring that cause my blood pressure to rise-I am definitely annoyed. Every time my phone rings, I decline them immediately.

              Moments later, this guy was already texting me…and the rest was history.

              At the end of the conversation, I am definitely upset by Mr. Anonymous ‘appearing wise but his actions battling hard against his principles. But I do admit, I enjoy the flow of our conversation. I’d like to transfer them to this blog so they won’t eat space in my inbox.


Here it goes.


Mr Anonymous:               Ay sorry po wrong call. Pede po malaman name nila?

Me:                                        Ei? Wrong call then kunin mo ang name ko..Ayy Shunga.

Mr. Anonymous:              Cno pong katxt ko? Nakita ko po kc yung number nio sa banyo kanina. Nasave ko lang po.

Me:                                        Uto…

Me:                                        Kkbili ko lng ng sim ko…

Anonymous;                      Ok.

(““then he made another phone call, everytime I decline, my phone starts to ring again,..Shoot! so I texted““)

Me:                                        Y r u so rude? Pls. Tell Tim ( I suspected him but not that sure), he’s pissing me off!

Anonymous:                      Who’s Tim? And y am I so rude? Tim Yap? Sorry po nagloloko cp ko.

Me:                                        Ah sori wrong sent. Itapon mo na kaya yang cp mo or ipektus mo nalang kaya sa hypothalamus mo?

Anonymous:                      With your due respect. Bakit ko po itatapon cp ko po? Pls pay respect po to your neighbor even though di mo sya kilala dapat nagpapakita ka ng paggalang sa kapwa mo in your own little way. Tnx and I sincerely apologize.


                        (My ears start to flame due to extreme insult so I texted…)

Me:                                        I don’t think u deserve respect…if you are a sane neighbor, u’ll know it’s impolite to make a prank call at late u consider that respectful? to do to a woman..?Untog mo ulo mo ng malaman mo dre, u are not sincere…I tell u, u don’t rationalize something that is absolutely irrational if ur sincerely apologetic. And don’t make me look stupid. Tim If you’re dat, I told you, your number just save in my phonebuk.  I opt to gi-em all I know.

Anonymous:                      Does a rationalize Homo sapiens needs a reason to respect somebody? I don’t think so? 😀 but anyways thank you for some quotable quotes I appreciate it. Thanks goodbye goodnight.

Me:                                        Respect is being earned, if I did entertain u the way you want me, am I giving you respect? I don’t think so too, I am flirting, dat would be the case then. And another thing, f u don’t mind, I don’t consider myself a Homo sapiens, I am not a product of evolution.

Anonymous:                      😀 ok if that is your point I do respect that.  Thank u again byee..

Me:                                        Of course my points are indisputable..

                                                (I thought It was the end already)


Anonymous:                      😀 ok again if that is your point I do respect that. For me what matters most is how are different philosophies in life build us to be a better person regardless even it is disputable or not and

P.S. For me there is no such thing as indisputable points because we are characterize by individuality and that individuality is the one to decide what is the final verdict for that point.

Me:                                        Yes, I do agree on that. But it doesn’t apply now at the heat of this conversation. Do your hear yourself talking? You talk as if you are a clean, upright person yet, what you’ve done tonight put several flaws on your stand..I respect individuality as well and I believe on your words however, they don’t convince me ur worth a single respect from me as you claim u deserve them.

Anonymous:                      Thank you 😀 By the way may I know what makes you feel so angry. FYI its not my intention to fee that my call is a prank call.

(I didn’t answer anymore. After an hour…)

Anonymous:                      Doze off?

( A vibration woke me up in the morning, the text says…)

Anonymous:                      Good Day beautiful! Thank you for a nice conversation last        night. 😀


“Keeping The Love Alive”

Nov 22, 2012


3:26 am


Keeping  the love alive”

Simple. Wonderful.Magical.


Love is like a bright sun as it rises above distant horizon. It’s warmth fires the nerves up, stimulates every senses, heals aching feel- it serves glee to ones heart. But as the day head on, they scorches.  As the rays stabs the delicate skin, painful, agonizing. When the days grew older it sets. Slowly and slowly, till the night would shroud the infinite sky and know not where the light of dream before us, only to find it’s only the shadows under the aloof moon.



Keeping The Love Alive.

Isn’t a wonderful phrase of endless compassion? How can one keep the love, when flames run out as droplets of rain in Gobi?

In these I am blessed. We are blessed. In our quest for achieving the best of everything in situations best or worst, realization comes through the guidance of my most sensible preachers Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon–that love can only be fueled by LOVE itself. GOD is LOVE.

I Jn. 4:8

It answers all the queries then, I guess.


Keeping the love alive concert of Air Supply  shattered the night into thousand of light rays. Luckily to fit myself at the musician’s corner (ADD BAND and ORCHESTRA)  my eyes was able to capture their glistening sweat as they sang their songs of all times and able to feel  the power myself of these  legendary performers Graham Russell and Russell Hitchcock that sets indelible footprints in the sands of entertainment world. I had my time and considered them one of the best to see this guys whom I just often listen to radio and my father’s playlist, are here before me, performing just steps away. An after sought international band at our place, That’s a mouthful of WOW,  can’t help but feel grateful.


And even more grateful that the reason behind all this will benefit the God-seeking souls.


Come to think of it, Love..Love..Love..


Everything this night begets is Love.

P.S. Ate Roxanne, Krista and I came to pursue the air supply band at their private room after the concert, to misfortune we’re not allowed to come any closer. But Krista was able to peek at their room and I was touched and compelled to know that they were lying on a BANIG—that was so down to earth.

*Banig– is a handwoven mat usually used in the Philippines for sleeping and sitting.



There is nothing wrong with being different, it offers you a perspective you may never have known without it.
The difference is how you perceive the difference.
Do you bash it?
Try to change it?
Push against it?
Do you accept it?
Appreciate it?
Embrace it?
The choice is completely yours and your choice point, decision or view of life will respond in like manner.
If things in life are going well, great, continue doing what you are doing, if however you desire change no matter how big or small, just contemplating the desire for change shifts life’s response to you.
This population diagnosed with autism is giving all of us an opportunity to ‘see’ things differently and showing us it is OK to be and live differently and still be happy and content.
Tracie ~ ♥

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OBWARD DAY 2: November 23, 2012

Patient 2

I can’t tell, is she half-awake or half-asleep?

She just delivered a cute baby boy—a preterm baby, less than 37 weeks AOG.

The baby is so bubbly and delicate, sweating under the droplight.

…She’s a bit disturbed and uncooperative, I understand and I liked it,

I don’t mean to turn her to a lab rat but I wish to find out how long can my patience take me.

No matter how she ignored or makes excuses whenever I ask her information, I still hang up.

No matter how she scold her eldest harshly in front of me and go out of bed without asking to leave, I still want her to be the subject of my case.

Alas! I tickled her interest..

When I asked her baby’s name and she said “Nephthali”. She named him after a bible character.

I immediately asks her religion and belief . Her eyes widen and turn her body towards me from a previous side-lying position.

I asked how she took care of her baby..

She said she took folic acid, eat Malunggay and seafoods.

She exercises too.

I just knew she really loved her baby..

That’s why she blame herself of what happened to him..

OBWARD DAY 1: November 22, 2012

Walking across the hundred sick faces as they lay couple abreast on the bed of adverse is maybe one of the most unnerving situations for us student nurses.  Thinking of how we submit ourselves to training as well as to anticipate thousands of reprimands for our unintended fault, acquiring subtle diseases, and rebuke from the rudest patients even professionals. However holistically deteriorating we are gearing ourselves for the harder challenges yet to come till we become dependable health providers so whenever we pass by there is the assurance of comfort. We educate ourselves as thorough as we could to survive the hostile environment comprising people from the medical profession to the common class. I might not say it correct though because I haven’t stayed long in this profession, but it takes a strong heart to surpass this experience on a daily basis. Nobility at its finest.

OBWARD is a foul place, the stink would stay in our uniforms for couple of days even if we washed them thoroughly-vaginal discharge usually is the cause. It is a hot place with a humid atmosphere-just imagine, how can one get sick in this kind of place. Expects that atmosphere corresponds to the mood of everyone. It was not as friendly as anybody wishes, the people and the caregivers. We, the student nurses, felt extra pressures on the part of giving care and establishing rapport. We are considered vulnerable too because our knowledge is limited and usually we don’t really know how to do a the major things and we have to act like we know for the sake of self and your instructors. Loners like me would be frightened to make independent move here because every eyes watch, every ear listens and everyone makes judgment about you, your instructors and your school. Lucky if you haven’t committed any mistakes or no one sees your mistakes unlike me, I have received the harshest scold of the day and everyone was all ears and all eyes. Kinda shameful though but I have anticipated them and need to keep those nerves intact because whew ..I’ll do nothing right.

Usually ( I don’t know why it does happen to me all the time) I am assigned to a hard(est) situations, making it harder by my erroneous perception of things. As a result, fail. I lost a bit of confidence too. I am often mental blocked by the first experience of handling the actual thing like removing foley catheters or the asceptic techniques.., sometimes I say to myself “ I wasn’t meant for this”. However, as I recognize my way of thinking I knew that I have strong points on concern and care-these are my strength. So whenever I get back to my sane self ,I say, “I just need more experience”.

Placenta Previa Totalis was our first case and the case presentation for the whole team. My partner and I picked the first chapter of our CNP format so we are assigned to do the interviews, physical assessments and “katsokaran”. At first I thought we were so unfortunate, that’s a conversational and hands-on job, however, first hand contact with a real client in a high risk condition is always priceless and satisfying so rather, we felt blessed indeed. Yes, and gladly we achieved the results we needed no matter how weak our client is, her mother and sister-in-law took the interview to supplement the information given by her.

Placenta Previa Totalis—the placenta blocked the passageway for the baby to come out during labor. Placenta is filled with blood so whenever it ruptures, excessive bleeding occurs that can be fatal for both the mother and the baby. So since our patient was already admitted with excessive bleeding, immediate caesarian session was advised. It was a painless bleeding according to our patient. But there is a slight discomfort associated around the pelvic area which seems heavy. The baby was delivered preterm-7 month, and still on the ICU up to this day.


Wishing baby and her mommy  get well the soonest. ❤

I wish I’d become a part of this noble undertaking someday with the help of God 🙂

Moving forward

Spearheaded by Bro. Eli and Bro. Daniel Razon, the Munting Pangarap is a TV show on UNTV 37 that provides financial and other form of assistance to grant other people’s simple wishes or small dreams to augment their needs brought about by poverty and disabilities.

According to Daniel “Mr. Public Service” Razon, there have been many recipients who are now able to give or grant the “Munting Pangarap” of other people also, since their businesses have grown and succeeded.

Not only they provide financial and other means of assistance, the Munting Pangarap tied up with the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) for the recipients to be educated accordingly as they start their business.

Munting Pangarap airs every Mondays at 7:00 – 8:00 pm on UNTV channel 37.

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Beauty In Labor Hours

A nursing student on her second year, I am starting to come into contact with clients, specifically pregnant mothers in their laboring hours till the time of giving birth. I am now aware of the pain and the joy of carrying a gift inside your womb, how her life’s on the death’s edge during a labor. How a cute little baby does unconsciously puts you to smile. That’s an awesome feeling, a life born in your two gloved hands. There are also differences of acceptance a mother’s feeling towards her newborn. I thought every parent would be as happy when they already see their baby’s face, however, in reality that isn’t always the case. I also gauge the gap, rejection, the sadness, the book claims they’re just but normal to feel. There’s a psycho war in the delivery room, mother’s perception of herself has been a major factor for the success of her delivery.

As a student nurse all I can do is to do what is technical to do, like assisting the birth of a life, cutting the cord, infusing terbutaline or oxytocin on the Lactated Ringers, Obtaining V.S, time of birth, and time of the delivery of the placenta, immediate newborn care and cleaning the bloody mess Delivery Room. Whew! I wish I was a horse..But you know what I enjoy doing most? When I do nothing at all but to watch over what my other group mates was doing, watching the doctors do their stuff ( mostly screaming at patient), and seeing the pain of the mother. There I find my purpose .

There, I always like the position next to the mother. During contractions, I love massaging her uterus, I  also ask by doctors to do the coaching job.  I am most shy in the team yet my work demands me to raise my voice a little higher and a bit more sympathetic to instruct my client, I always tell her “push a little longer madam, or do not scream out loud or move a lot, youll easily get exhausted’.

I fond rubbing her arms with utmost sympathy. When they cry out of pain, I look on directly on their eyes and make them feel that they can make it. I always arrange the oxygen mask for no reason, I just wanted to make them look good. I wipe those grain sized sweat out of their forehead and neck and rubs the hair back. Doing all this, I received the kindest look in between agonies. A beautiful thing in this world, simply unexplainable! Clients seem to like them, and I just remain beside when they think their labor is going wrong. I listen to every complaint and do nothing but to listen. I never spoke a thing or give any reassurance, cause I never knew how it feels being on that table. I myself never wanted people giving advices to my problem if they’ve never been there.

The most moving remarks I have received to a certain client is..”never leave me, just stay beside me, I don’t want to be alone, please stay” she touched and broke my heart but I have to leave as well to complete our cases. She begged for how many times so I was force to stay atleast 15 minutes and ask her politely before I leave. I felt that I am important too. From then, I realized how we can touch people lives, particularly those in their harshest moments by doing simple but sincere things, those that aren’t written by the book. Those you just felt you like doing to you when you’re the one on their shoes.
That day was actually hard and morale pounding for some reason other than the job. But I count every hospital duty a blessing because of things that are beautiful to me.

To God be The Glory!