Uncertainties Beyond Boundaries

Bro. Eli Soriano – I’m not part of his group but I’m a fan. I watch his daily TV show on UNTV. I enjoyed his witty replies to questions.

I learned a lot from Bro. Eli’s practical belief (he based his argument from the Bible). His TV show, “Itanong mo kay Soriano” has (heated) arguments, but, Bro. Eli, a heck of a debater, a fighter in his own right knocked them all.

Watch out other religions and denominations – Bro. Eli can win you over based on substance. Is he a genius? A master of Theology? Whoaa! Bro. Eli was a high school drop-out. He didn’t finish high school (he’s had highest honors waiting) because of an alleged religious debate with the school administrator.

A Question Live!

Not in my wildest dreams I would one day ask a question to Bro. Eli LIVE! But on Nov. 23, I got a…

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