For Knick- NATH: A Birthday Greeting

I know someone’s been expecting this from me for a long long time lols XD



Here it goes then.. (ehehem)





Wheew! Hehe..lake lang

Like em? ^^









No? O.o



Argh!!!. 😡

Cge ka iba na lang gagawin ko XD




As a friend of a “MUSE- si –shan” (XD), umma feel like it’s “MY JOB” to sing a birthday song for the birthday boy today…






Ok cge na.. Lalo ka lang na-bad trip ahahaha..


before i spoil your day, em gonna proceed to things that really matters..


Naks! Haha

Okay. seriousity na..




For the nth nth nth…nth.. time

Happy Birthday kuua!! Whooo


Wishing you not just stay as you were but be progressive 😀

Please include me in your prayers till I become well 🙂

(AHAHA! ayun may pahabol pang request XD)





Stay Fruitful. Be Blessed.

To God Be the Glory!