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On Bro. Eli Soriano’s birthday concert dubbed Remember When, Kuya Daniel Razon sings live with his uncle and The Platters. Happening right now at ADD Convention Center in Apalit, Pampanga…

7:53 pm — The crowd roars in cheer to welcome The Platters. For a start that heat the audience up the more, The Platters sings their popular hit in the ’50s, Only You.

7:58 pm — Eddie Stovall, the lead vocalist, greets Kuya Daniel Razon and Bro. Eli Soriano on his 49th birthday in service to God.

8:00 pm — Remember When, also the concert title, echoes around the ADD Convention Center.

8:02 pm — Reliving the romance! Stand By Me, get the audiences’ feet off their seats.

8:11 pm — The Platters goes down the stage and join the audience. Everyone cheers in excitement!

8:17 pm — Yolanda Fletcher gracefully…

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Ode to Her


His Momma died yesterday

 She was dearest to my heart, 

But yesterday, she’s been taken away,

On the very first of Nissan.      

A faint ache calling,

From the bossom of sorrows,

Like how Schindler’s list sounds.

Nay, it trembles in each pound,

Hard as a brick fallen above the chest,

That severs in each momentary recall,

I lay in prone squashing my face on pity pillows,

And so found solace to ease the loss,

Let em soak with tears, till the midnight dusks

For my longings go fonder,

That I miss each precious giggles that masks,

The Unbearable pain.

I miss the fondest compliments,

“You look good today”

“Why you never visit often”

“I can’t wait you to nurse me”

The words I hear, I regret


The sun might set

But it rises again

–the beauty of emblem

In power of Almighty hands

Till It Rains Again

 Under the faint rain

Above the sweet roof of almond bloom

To see dark vastness as I lay

The bright blossomed night

And how I wish to peek the stars

Just to lie under low

And watch them wane

And sleep in the bossom of a kind heart

Fondled with deluge

So with morning we wake

In a sunny day

In the scent of cedar leaves

Excites, Becalm

To feel the breeze beneath thin skin

To walk in bare foot

On a grassy pasture

On a dewy cold mornings

To laugh and live in clear silence

In full voice calling sweetly

..calling low


Till it rains again

A Man of Brevity

As magical as thee
There be none of Splendor’s son
Whose breast sturdy heaving
Against the common face of throng
How your tightfisted values razes
Wiliness of a debauched Baron
Your Ever-abiding pride,
Can ever be overthrown
Like a shell of age
Your principles are pearl
The irony of beast and beauty
Wraps around a pure soul
The innocence of fair justice
Embedding on those fierce eyes
And tongue that speaks of rare truth
Afflicting a iniquitous rule
Alleviation for an ailing humanity
In silence, you, a man of brevity, rest
In silence you rage a fire

Just But A Dust


It blew like a mad ram and smote hard
at the very core of flesh
Abandoned me in splendor of tears
And yet, this battering words
Clothed me afresh and I found rest
Life is perpetual warfare
Victory is for the spirits
Life is a tailored tale, and I lay there

from the secretive aqueducts of graces
lies upon my trust
Apart from You,I am just but a dust.

Glorious Love

Jack and Rose,

Weren’t they real
Tender love that spurts
In voices of twin solitudes
A strong vein of romance
Tailored in melancholic trance
I listen in thy seclusion
And they sigh,

Like a calm sea
Against ocean’s listless chime
I listen alone among the coast
Wearies murmuring along,
Shrouded by enticing charm
The same desire and mystery
Folded in the wave of dishearten
Cruel needs of flesh allure
Seeking to unite yet given up by love
Of purest form, Of highest appreciation
Love that forms the rainbow,
The divinity
Yet, in face of grief
Same heart rejoice of a wisdom
The beauty of waiting, persisting—
Pots insurmountable glory.

In A Place So Magical

A pleasant walk, a pleasant talk
On the foggy shore of Sonatas
A pleasant talk laced in adorable giggles
Along the briny beach of Sonatas
Our footprints tell stories of aimless wander
That marks on the sand wet as wet
And the rising sun kisses the sweet cheeks
Awaken those tantalizing amber eyes
-and they smile as curious tales excites a soul
And heart that fonds on pointless chatters
That pound in every word, in every breathe
In every laugh, like the bliss encapsulates
In the endless of times
In a place so magical