The photo above shows the hospital where we had our duty at the surgery ward and photos with my friends at SM Pampanga and trip on our way home

“Ipagpra-pray namen kayo”

This message made my heart pound for the unexplainable kind of bliss. To God be the Glory first and foremost! When you do your job on the will of being on service to others, there is more to acquire than simply ending the day. I realized that as a meantime student nurse, it is a privilege to show kindness and mercy to your fellowmen. I don’t want to explain in detail what we did here but people will always feel if you have concern for them, it will show through your acts and how you speak and they will eventually thank you for your deeds. To God be the Glory!

It is a great feeling that you are able to share your knowledge. That made me hunger to learn more so I can share more and be of help..

Be of help..

I want to live in these 3 words..Be of help..if God permits me to live long..

I am sad though actual day ends consuming money for food and pleasure at SM Pampanga together with my friends. My conscience stabs me when I arrived home…though, I love being with my friends and these moments are rare treat after a day of hospital duty..

To sum up this day… I feel so blessed and contented…

But there are things that made me sad really…how I wish my sins for today will be forgiven.

I am blessed that I was not lacking of wisdom..I thank God for having Bro. Eli and Bro. Daniel in my life..they thought me how to spare my life well..

I am worthless..in God’s eyes..in my colleague’s eyes I may be undeserving of respect and recognition but despite my littleness I am able to be an instrument of touching others life. It made me feel happy deep within, though people don’t take them as  great as much as I do.

But still I am worthless…

May those couple’s prayers may be heard…because I need them for real.