Four Infant Care Babies Celebrate their 1st Year


On that Sunday afternoon, October 27, 2013, four of the adorable babies from the Infant Care settled at Apalit Pampanga celebrates their 1st birthday with a kid’s party and remarkable speech from Ms. Luz Cruz.

Ms. Annabelle Bescasio, the Social Worker assigned for Infant Care facility, along with other LKD officers arranges  a fun birthday party for the  celebrants namely Mark Anthony, Cherry Mae, Athena Jane, and Maria Corazon. Ms. Annabelle invited kids from around the place to take part in the said celebration.

Photo banners were displayed in front of the platform with inviting colorful balloons along side. The organizers and house parents conjointly decorated the place, pointing out cuteness at every detail. Sound systems, physical arrangement, foods and beverages and even prizes for games are well-set.

One of the scenes that capture the heart is the presence of the mother of one of the celebrants. Mark’s mother is happy and fulfilled after seeing her son healthy and active (he even sways and moves his body when background songs were played). At the later part of the event, she cradled and put Mark to sleep.  Mark Anthony is a subject for reintegration and he will eventually return to his family within this span of week.

Special participation by the guests was also entertained. One of them sang “Puso Kong Nabuksan”. The other two kids put everybody else to groove by dancing “Gentlemen”. Presentation of AVP’s for each child was also showcased by their respective “nanay-nanayan” (mother-like figures). Ms. Gabriela presented a slideshow of Mark’s picture, Ms. Feebee for Cherry Mae, Ms. Maiden for Athena Jane and the very own social worker of the facility, Ms. Annabelle for Maria Corazon.

One of the Highlights of the birthday celebration is the dance presentation performed by the ever- enduring and dutiful house parents – Ms. Hannah, Charlene, Marlyn and Abbygail which, according to them, they have perfected few minutes before the program started.

Games such as Pinoy Henyo were both participated by children and some staffs. Prizes are showering not only for the winners but also to every child who participated in the party.

Ms.Luz Cruz gives an inspirational speech

Ms. Luz Cruz, the School Head of La Verdad Christian School, who was just really passing by the celebration, spared some time to share her insights with us.

In one of her speech, she emphasizes how these babies are destined to heaven and indeed a great holiness in the sight of God to have them well taken care of. Babies are very vulnerable and they can’t complain, so it’s necessary to acquire skills such as observing and listening to what they voice out.

Ms. Luz Cruz wishes that these babies will grow up fearing the Almighty God and will not engage to any act of delinquencies after being discharge from the facility. She also speaks in the place of the house parents and care givers who painstakingly nurtured the babies as they grow but will eventually return to their respective families.

She says “It is really hard for us to let go when that mutual attachment is build. However, it is for their best to have their own family to take care. Above all, we know we have fulfilled our duties out of mercy towards our fellowmen, without expecting in return. We just wish that their families will take good care of them for they are gifts from God. Maybe, we should make some follow ups to see the child’s progress after being taken out of the facility”

Mark Anthony, Cherry Mae, Athena Jane, and Maria Corazon are just four out of the nine babies that are currently being catered at Infant Care. The babies are ensured to achieve the best care. The facility is equipped with well trained caregivers, ventilated rooms, medical supplies and every necessity.

Bro. Eli Soriano along with the Members Church of God International are the main financers for the operations and maintenance of the said facility.

Infant Care, located at Apalit Pampanga, is an institution that temporarily houses abandoned, fatherless children and also those who are in conflict or under a special case


A Milky Day Tour

It was a Feast of Babies!


As I enter the doors of lobby, almost all seats were accommodated. Mothers are set to breastfed their child. Some participants have brought not just one but two breastfed babies (imagine that!). And as I took my seat (as I was there to observe the soon-to-be record breaking event), I saw a bulk of people coming in pairs, the mommies and their babies. I am compelled for a moment because I realize people minds our advocacy and are willing to take part in promoting breastfeeding to the world. The feeling is priceless for any idealist indeed. My eyes were fascinated in all these chubby cheeked little ones, like how Boo has this “cute aggression” over her stuffed unicorn. It was a firework of emotions.


I roamed all over the place and to the pantry I found dishes that are interesting—Nilagang Kamote (Boiled root crops) and Lugaw with dahon ng Malunggay (Porridge with Malunggay leaves). Both are known to increase breast milk supply, prevents the occurrence of neurological problems in fetal development due to its folic acid content and for sure they are both hearty meals, leaving the mothers well geared and satisfied. 

My Childhood Friend ‘s a Now a Mother of Two ^^

Image Image

On the course of roaming, I saw this familiar face. And she’s carrying two children with her. I borrowed the baby of my neighbor and tour it around till I sat next to her. She asked “Is that your baby?” I look as If I were suspicious and trying to recall who the lady was. I opt to answer spontaneously “ No, I don’t have a baby yet (do I look one. Haha! Kidds), how  you’ve been doing? Are they your children?” She nods. “ Do you mind if I asked what’s your name again?” she said “ you are Sherry Jane right and it’s me, Jane, I deliver vegetables at your house when we were young!” she laughed and I blurted “Jane, kamusta ka na!?” and our talk goes on and on.

Here at Apalit

It was 9 am, UNTV is being aired and we are tuning to the news about the breastfeeding activity being done all over the country. The center of activity was held at Marikina sports complex where the main program is happening.

“Habag sa anak ang pagpapasuso”

(Breastfeeding is an act of mercy towards your child)


 Bro. Eliseo Soriano, the presiding minister of the Members Church of God International delivered a very inspirational piece to breastfeeding mothers. Bro. Eli cited some of the benefits and advantages of breastfeeding particularly to the children, to moms, and even to the environment. Bro. Eli relates breastfeeding to suicidal tendencies and is supported by different studies conducted. He also correlates breastfeeding with biblical perspective, our apostles and prophets have been nourished by their biological mothers too. He emphasized that bonding bolstered by breastfeeding builds trust and hope for children. In these times, parents seem like internalizing and were very absorbed by every word. The ambience is warm, tender and caring. Mothers were actually cradling their babies or holding them tenderly. Children who grew up rebellious and suicidal might have not felt the trust by their mothers probably because they were not breastfed. 

Infant Care Babies

 Our “alaga” (well-taken cared babies) were special mentioned during the live telecast. They were described as fat and healthy, well pampered and even luxurious when talks about their formula milk, diapers etc. Their rooms are also well maintained and ventilated. No doubt they were very fortunate babies for having been under the care of the church. Yet, above all these things, they are still deprived of love coming from their own mother; infacility like this, a caregiver can’t give the 100 % love and affection to each and every child. Our hope is that God can provide everything that we can’t.

Yes to healthier babies! Go for Guinness!



And we made it to Guinness today—a Total of 33,186 participants beating the 15, 128 last May 2, 2007 but still across the Philippines !

To God be the Glory!

October 18, 2013

Do you feel so stupid and a sinner… a time in your life?

Yea, I do..for the past months, I’ve been a consistent one, in fact, I do it deliberately. Sometimes I don’t feel like praying anymore, thinking it would be futile then. However, there’s this tinge of guilt and an inner scream that bothers me once in a while. People tapped me okay, always on-track, having fair grades… but deep within I am not, I’m a failure. My outside friends see me a good bred, the “nun” of the class. I just laugh and think of me a sham… My simplicity and decency is just an arrogant display where in fact, deep inside, I fear not anymore, and the fear itself.., I don’t care about. And now , here I am sitting in front of my desktop, I’ve been thinking for hours… almost 4 hours, thinking of how to finish an article that I find too irony for me to get through, all about charity and good will. I wish to have this done, but in the process of contemplating, I can’t go on. I am bagging this burden the whole time. Hmmmmmm…at this moment, it saddens me a lot..mmmmm, on the other hand, I’m starting to feel better again.

Seal this Date: October 18, 2013

 I am flawed, weak


Not in attempt to implore

nor to impress

But my kind, sets her heart

to be lonely,

In the hope

Of unfathomable happiness

In return,

From this moment on,

I declare

I would be a salt of the earth,

A blessing to whom I felt in touch with

As mandated by the laws of Scripture,

I would be

With God’s Help



Seal this date: Oct 18, 2013

On the Beauty of Women

The Better Man Project ™

Before I start this, I want to make something clear. This post is not coming from a man who has had an easy time his whole life with women. In fact, I have had my heart broken more times than I care to admit. I have shed tears, been betrayed in the worst of ways and have been made to feel unimportant, almost to the point where I thought I didn’t exist. And even through all of this, I can still put my heart on the line for women because I believe in one fundamental reality.

Women are beautiful.

Last night, one of my best friends sent me an article and asked for my thoughts. So I opened it up and read the first line. “I’m just gonna come out and say it: I love insecure women.” I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and continued reading on for…

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All My Loving GGR <3

The countless loves, needs and misses

Lips needless to utter

Yet I knew in that wonderful somewhere

In your heart, as in thee

Would I sail across the seas

Of your unfathomable adoration

I might have loved a stranger from the beginning

When your presence visits mine

My heart might knew then, that it fits yours

I am well bathed in your words

In them I’ve sheltered my heart

That it badly hungers for your presence

I have lost myself in the depth of your eyes

Lost myself in the warmth of your temples

Whilst I grasp your body, I’m in paradise

In that lovely night of mild downpour

I have missed you more

When we bid goodbyes..

As the rain pelt onto our coats

I want to stay under your clouds

Wish to get under your skins.

And when our fingers interlaced

Into between spaces of confection

Where’s the smile to veil?

No, it can’t be…

For rush is a luscious momentary

Flow of happiness, and need not

To draw in subject of one’s critic..

I am suitcased

a meek..

a sheep..

and you set me free…


All my loving =) GGR