September 14, 2014

His drop of tear makes me remind how much I means to him, how my family means to him, friends, countrymen and the people around the world.

The sobs of old age and pains of endless pursuit for the salvation of men, that definitely I must take part with.

In as much as I know, the word of God embossed within the hearts of the givers. Because what they give is indeed in need. Confessions and Litany favors what’s inside their hearts, the HOPE, FAITH and LOVE.

Majority of the brethrens are so much righteous. I thank God I was moved yesterday. It was emphasized how brethrens would greatly give their hand in the point of giving their all. I am so much overwhelmed that if I have a way, I would in no doubt stand up, goes to line and fill fulfilled. If I just could.

Bro. Eli Soriano, may God bless him more with so much life and strength of the heart in continues to disseminate the word salvation.

I am ashamed.

I am in pain.

Thank God I still have the heart.

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bro. eli

ANG ABANG ALIPIN NG DIOS pinauna niya muna kumain ang mga kapatid bago siya… mga tira na pagkain at sabaw na ang naiwan…Salamat sa Dios at nakita ko ang halimbawa ng mga apostol at ng Panginoong Jesus sa katauhan ng isang kapatid na Eli… napaka dakila at banal ng puso ng Dios.

Mga Taga-Efeso, 3:6 – Na ang mga Gentil ay mga tagapagmana, at mga kasangkap ng katawan, at mga may bahagi sa pangako na kay Cristo Jesus sa pamamagitan ng evangelio,
Mga Taga-Efeso, 3:7 – Na dito’y ginawa akong ministro, ayon sa kaloob ng biyayang yaon ng Dios na sa akin ay ibinigay ayon sa paggawa ng kaniyang kapangyarihan.
Mga Taga-Efeso, 3:8 – Sa akin, na ako ang kababababaan sa lahat ng lalong mababa sa mga banal, ay ibinigay ang biyayang ito, upang ipangaral sa mga Gentil ang mga di malirip na mga kayamanan ni Cristo;


Sept 5, 2014

It’s my first day being a Student Assistant at Nursing Office.

The works in the office is not quite new to me. I will be serving for 2 hours each day and I have to compensate the hours including the days before I received the Presidential scholarship- first semester.

I am hardworking, not elating myself. I’ve been to works in different settings and being a Caregiver is the hardest of them all. Babies would really test your patience.

Okay enough for the past.

Today I was instructed to dust the tables at the 4th floor. While my other professor is watching. It was like– am I going to be shy? I know that I supposed not to be but because I feel that I’m somebody, I felt a little shame.

However Bro. Gener showed me this already. I am a proud person. Whew, I need to conquer every aspect of fear and the fear of being belittled is one of them.

I’m just nothing, I know that eversince I receive the law of God. My life is to serve with the means that I have. On the other hand, my job wasn’t voluntary at all. It was the condition of scholarship. So no reason to feel shame. I am just but a worthless servant. I know God has given me this, because He loves my parents foremost..and I think because I need it.

I don’t have the edge. I don’t know how to speak up and stand for myself. But with God’s help, always with God’s help I am able to be in a place without making a way. I just have dreams and hope for my family.

I believe everything has a reason. I am thankful for the experience be it happy or sad.

I also helped Maam Pami to do rationales while I edify the folders edges with scotch tape. Tomorrow I am bound to finish the folders..

Maam Weng noted me about phone calls:

1. If I dont know who’s calling. Ask the name, if there is anything she wanted to ask to Dr. Santos, the number, the office if it’s in Mendiola.

2. Maybe I have to practice phone skills and be familiar with the surrounding of the office.

That;s all.. :)) attitude watch first :)..

Trust God

Tired and Sleepy face..comiiinggg…



Charraaan…Lol. WLA ituuu..

Boom chakaness

September 4, 2014

It’s been how many months? or years? since the last time I open up this blog.

There are tons of thrills and emotionally exhausting events that had happened which I failed to note on my suppose haven of comfort.

Recently, the school has given me so much opportunities by being the president of the class for our last remaining year in college. I have received a presidential scholarship in which I really don’t deserve if asked personally.

There are tons and tons of blessings each period of my life and I am overwhelmed how God works over me despite several setbacks and shortcomings.

Relationships grow and lasted. But I’ll be back with everything ordered in hand. The pains and happiness that show how kind is life, how He, the Giver of life was so good to me.

I don’t deserve, I don’t deserve.

I am shy for being weak and submissive in the ground of assorted creatures, even in the face of wolves. And I don’t know if I can still hold on. But inside my heart, I’d rather be misfit than be pleased with all these pretense warmth and company of the world.

There are opportunities with accompanying responsibilities.

Whew, responsibilities that I feared not getting through.

I have diverge from the reason why I am doing everything for it’s sake. Maybe I am so busy or I am busy at something else. Life was good to me, but I don’t give what my life deserves. Beneath the pains and scars, and sacrifice from a loved one, that give me the door to get back on the path. But not too soon yet, however, it paved a way, to go back and fulfill my duty as it should be.

I don’t know yet, what lifes makes for but…each moment counts, each day, each breathe.. I knew, they should be consumed (directly or indirectly) for that purpose.

“Magpakaligaya ka naman sa Panginoon, at bibigyan ka Niya ng nasa ng iyong puso”


Hayy finals na, isang kembot at 2nd sem na..awa ng Dios makakaraos din kame sa pag-aaral. At panibagong yugto na naman ng buhay. Salamat sa Dios sa Kaniyang mga pag liligtas at pag-alala.. Sa pagmamahal Niya sa aking mga magulang. Sa pagpaparanas sakin ng kasiyahan, ng pagmamahal at kaginhawaan…

Konting kembot nalang ooHH..hahaha…lapit na..ano na kaya ang kasunod..Alam ko di pa ito ang huli..umpisa pa nang mas mahirap.

Gayun paman, anoman ang mangyari..

Salamat sa Dios sa Kaniyang Kaloob na di masayod..


Isa ngang Pic jan..Hahaha BLURRRREED! naman te!!hahaha