A Heart that Fears God WIll Ace

There are some people that has something to brag about somebody, and mine has just spoken in behalf of a crowd that works toward a goal of saving  the earth, if not from total degradation, at least a portion of it.


(During the Oath Taking of DENR-EMB Regular Employees)

I know him! I know that guy!… words I relentlessly uttered as I look at the photos of my man. If I could just comment in a post, that MAN is MINE. He was so awesome. If someone has just heard his stories on a daily basis, of how he selflessly took responsibilities and being liable to tasks, even those that are not his,  will surely tell themselves–that man is different! But of course he won’t tell that to anybody except me because he’s looking forward to pour all those feeling on me at night (I’m her girlfriend if you don’t mind knowing). I am graced and proud. The word of God truly reflects his style–his mode of conversing, the way he carries tasks by putting his hearts and the Lord’s commandment in everything he does. I learned through him that you can worship God even if you’re at work by doing your job wholeheartedly being always considerate of His commandments

And today, he represented the team that advocates the sustainability of our resources. Preserving nature particularly in the Philippines as our mother land is the aim of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. I know people from this sect were bound to take good care of the earth as well as those inhabiting in it. They were truly great man indeed. Thank GOD for this group that is established to work on through this aim. Nature is what God puts to serve us people, but most of us are being ungrateful by destroying it without taking heed. This group would constantly remind us of the pending consequences of our mindless acts against our nature.

Today, I am overwhelmed by how he delivered his speech (As told by him through phone and as I look onto the comments). He mentioned  bribe issues. You know it takes a lot conviction to open up a topic, which meant you never been involved in any manner of corruption. Above all, he mentioned that people who deserves to stay in their field must be God-fearing. For him it should be a prime qualification, in doing so, corruptions will be totally abolished. People would act not just for them  to survive and accept salaries every 15th and 30th day of the month but to act in His will. In this way, they could think of ways and innovation on how to save the planet and people will realize that it is them and their children and the NEXT GENERATION who will reap the fruits in the end.


Won’t Let Us Go

The journey of our love has many pages
That Winds flutter each
I’d blanket in your lips as I read
In a fruitcake weather

In the beginning we were just 2 hearts
Unaware that universe made a plot
The climax rests in your softest kisses
Till I drown in the waters of your love

I never wish for it to end..
Even if lips of mine, a liar instead
At the core of enkindling heart
I will love you, till the end

For that story we’re weaving
In threaded bliss of togetherness
Even the scars of romances
Is ever worth telling,

It is the tale of transition
How love makes a woman of mistake, succeeds
And so, even if love’s unloved
My bitterest pain is to see you leave

Please be there for us
Because my heart knew we’re meant together
Despite the thorns, the hurdles all along
We will find our way back to each other


If I Were Your Minion

If I were a minion
I would follow your tracks
Along the coastal paths of travail
Even if the waves catches your trails
I’ll resist the waters, stubborn faced
Trampling my feet like a soldier fully geared
In a quest with you, I’ll remain unfeared
With Head so high and chin ever lifted!

If I were a minion,
I would laugh at every disgrace
Not to scorn you nor to cheer even
But to send this simple message-
That life is supposed to be happy
In despair, find the courage
To laugh and take things easy
To Be a fool at times, and feel unworthy

If I were your minion,
I would cry over your disdain upon my littleness
I would fear the inner harlequins with shiver and dismay
For I cupped this frail hands of mine for your love,
To serve you is what my life only offers to have ,
And appreciation is gem I will forever treasure,
I will never ask for more nor whatever you don’t care for,
But loving me back, just that, is a great thing I could ever hope for.

If I were your minion,
I’ll be your most loyal one
I will try to give meaning on your life
Contained in that solely lonely box,
I will be fat for you, if ever you’d wish
So you can cushion me on your sleep
I will concoct the best coffee among the finest beads
So we have the night till the morning weeps

If I were your minion
I’ll be with you in your dying hours
I will collect each falling snowflakes
Inside your favorite candy jar..
I will play your favorite symphony
And glide my fingers through your dainty hairs
I will kiss you mildly and collect each fainting breaths
In that sweet bed, of eternal mortem…


Highway Drive

Each turns and road’s bump
Across the paths way home
Melancholy lights as each gaze flutters doom
I am missing you now, Oh dear, and it’s just too soon

We were just together by the seconds,
and in a a cycles of gasps,
In a speck of a clock,

Where the curtains of the night closes
And the silhouette of pining starts to flow
My soul’s forlorn in faint aches
I longed now for the passion of your soul

And so I let the eyes swell in deep solitude
Jaded in the scene of breezy escapes
As the fast car drives, and the sun bid goodbyes
I wept in the thoughts of us in distant demarcate

Your arms and mine are sundered now, a far far away..

The vigor of strafing winds
Dried every tears
But our heart as they calls each one
never fails to heal.


Found Home

He loved me
Like I was in the bed of roses
Making the world knew
That I was the delight of his soul
He would fall, day and night
Caressed, like how the morning dew
kisses a leaf

For a while
I was lost in the weary world
I found my love
My eyes would only knew
His perfect temples
And leaning over to feel
His throbbing heart
I found home

Hey Chum,

Through trust and love we are binded together
With strings of fine gold now and forever
Though miles and meters keep us away from each other
You’re pervasive warmth makes me feel you’re here whenever

Since when have I not remember you?
Every minute is gemmed with the thoughts of us true
Dreams are are blind and weary without the presence of you
Emptiness and longing will linger on me too

Splash of colors oh! my rainbow so sweet
With perfect lines of extreme jubilation too neat
Bright and summery days we will lit
In the bench of happiness we will all sit…

All My Loving GGR <3

The countless loves, needs and misses

Lips needless to utter

Yet I knew in that wonderful somewhere

In your heart, as in thee

Would I sail across the seas

Of your unfathomable adoration

I might have loved a stranger from the beginning

When your presence visits mine

My heart might knew then, that it fits yours

I am well bathed in your words

In them I’ve sheltered my heart

That it badly hungers for your presence

I have lost myself in the depth of your eyes

Lost myself in the warmth of your temples

Whilst I grasp your body, I’m in paradise

In that lovely night of mild downpour

I have missed you more

When we bid goodbyes..

As the rain pelt onto our coats

I want to stay under your clouds

Wish to get under your skins.

And when our fingers interlaced

Into between spaces of confection

Where’s the smile to veil?

No, it can’t be…

For rush is a luscious momentary

Flow of happiness, and need not

To draw in subject of one’s critic..

I am suitcased

a meek..

a sheep..

and you set me free…


All my loving =) GGR