Wisdom in Rest and Silence

bmcThis day is so wonderful to me. I am blessed with such lovely stories interwoven by the delicateness of perspectives in each experiences this day brought forth— a bit of mine and a pack of fresh whole blood from those around me.

GYNECOLOGY WARD DUTY @ Bulacan Medical Hospital

I might subconsciously derived this “goodvibes” feel of today from my classmate Joanne who has been warm and kind to me. She really is a nice person, I knew it by heart. My encounter issues with her has long been kindled because somehow I fail to engage myself to her for I was so closely attached to the people I used being with. In fact, I always see her as a person who triggers up the mood of everybody be it light or harsh for sometime hehe..but she is the type that will definitely lift the spirits of anybody or be a star in a party—well, the upside down version of me.

I wasn’t tired at all. Doing round VS every 8 am and 12 pm is usually tiring but not intoxicating at all like what I had at the Delivery Room. Yeah, standing for hours and looking for a sit might gave a “nega” factor. However, in times when you don’t do much except observing or getting the feel of the room you are unconsciously gaining the vastness of human nature. –The desire to live despite all resistance including being moneyless, the immeasurable selflessness of a loving husband or anyone who truly cares for you in times of grave ill, the one who almost at the edge of death act normally as she could, maintain as cheerful as she can, and to talk endlessly but sensibly touching peoples lives.

BIBLE EXPOSITION @ Ang Dating Daan Convention Center

My body is almost worn out, my mind not so, my spirit—free at peace. I went to exposition carrying my Mandarin book and my Paksaan. I did my assignment during Exposition but everytime Bro. Eli makes striking points—both analytical and biblical, can’t help but to stop and tell my self “ this crap can wait”. I love listening to the queries about the purpose of life, the questions asked by the psychologist, the weird-looking Hongkong national, from Davao and of course the pastor—My brain is multitasking till it reach the time that I fold my book and it was the Paksaan left alone lying at my lap. The pastor who called his HeadPastor without prior notice and appoint a debate with Bro. Eli made my night went wild. I was both nervous and pitiful to the head pastor cause the end is already predictable. –before the setting of schedule the whole thing was crazy like butterflies in both chest and belly. Really fun and funny. I noted Bro. Eli’s grace in speaking, light sarcasms, very intelligent deliveries of statement for the head pastor. He is extraordinary indeed! I am above fortunate to know and be shared of his teachings of Gospel.

Hoping to see that day, On January ,God willing, a debate will be hold.


Thank God for this day and this people. I feel a blessed human being. Being inside the true Church with my family, friends, brothers and sisters in faith makes me so overwhelmed.


The Prank Caller

              Image At 9:57 pm, the ringing of my phone cast an odd spell in my somber ,cold room. And as I drop my sincere hello, there were this guys tittering so I manage to think this was a prank call and I declined. Yet, it continues to ring that cause my blood pressure to rise-I am definitely annoyed. Every time my phone rings, I decline them immediately.

              Moments later, this guy was already texting me…and the rest was history.

              At the end of the conversation, I am definitely upset by Mr. Anonymous ‘appearing wise but his actions battling hard against his principles. But I do admit, I enjoy the flow of our conversation. I’d like to transfer them to this blog so they won’t eat space in my inbox.


Here it goes.


Mr Anonymous:               Ay sorry po wrong call. Pede po malaman name nila?

Me:                                        Ei? Wrong call then kunin mo ang name ko..Ayy Shunga.

Mr. Anonymous:              Cno pong katxt ko? Nakita ko po kc yung number nio sa banyo kanina. Nasave ko lang po.

Me:                                        Uto…

Me:                                        Kkbili ko lng ng sim ko…

Anonymous;                      Ok.

(““then he made another phone call, everytime I decline, my phone starts to ring again,..Shoot! so I texted““)

Me:                                        Y r u so rude? Pls. Tell Tim ( I suspected him but not that sure), he’s pissing me off!

Anonymous:                      Who’s Tim? And y am I so rude? Tim Yap? Sorry po nagloloko cp ko.

Me:                                        Ah sori wrong sent. Itapon mo na kaya yang cp mo or ipektus mo nalang kaya sa hypothalamus mo?

Anonymous:                      With your due respect. Bakit ko po itatapon cp ko po? Pls pay respect po to your neighbor even though di mo sya kilala dapat nagpapakita ka ng paggalang sa kapwa mo in your own little way. Tnx and I sincerely apologize.


                        (My ears start to flame due to extreme insult so I texted…)

Me:                                        I don’t think u deserve respect…if you are a sane neighbor, u’ll know it’s impolite to make a prank call at late night..do u consider that respectful? to do to a woman..?Untog mo ulo mo ng malaman mo dre, u are not sincere…I tell u, u don’t rationalize something that is absolutely irrational if ur sincerely apologetic. And don’t make me look stupid. Tim If you’re dat, I told you, your number just save in my phonebuk.  I opt to gi-em all I know.

Anonymous:                      Does a rationalize Homo sapiens needs a reason to respect somebody? I don’t think so? 😀 but anyways thank you for some quotable quotes I appreciate it. Thanks goodbye goodnight.

Me:                                        Respect is being earned, if I did entertain u the way you want me, am I giving you respect? I don’t think so too, I am flirting, dat would be the case then. And another thing, f u don’t mind, I don’t consider myself a Homo sapiens, I am not a product of evolution.

Anonymous:                      😀 ok if that is your point I do respect that.  Thank u again byee..

Me:                                        Of course my points are indisputable..

                                                (I thought It was the end already)


Anonymous:                      😀 ok again if that is your point I do respect that. For me what matters most is how are different philosophies in life build us to be a better person regardless even it is disputable or not and

P.S. For me there is no such thing as indisputable points because we are characterize by individuality and that individuality is the one to decide what is the final verdict for that point.

Me:                                        Yes, I do agree on that. But it doesn’t apply now at the heat of this conversation. Do your hear yourself talking? You talk as if you are a clean, upright person yet, what you’ve done tonight put several flaws on your stand..I respect individuality as well and I believe on your words however, they don’t convince me ur worth a single respect from me as you claim u deserve them.

Anonymous:                      Thank you 😀 By the way may I know what makes you feel so angry. FYI its not my intention to fee that my call is a prank call.

(I didn’t answer anymore. After an hour…)

Anonymous:                      Doze off?

( A vibration woke me up in the morning, the text says…)

Anonymous:                      Good Day beautiful! Thank you for a nice conversation last        night. 😀

In Mere Utterance

In the heart of July

Engraved in my linger

I foresought

…It’ll be great

…It’ll be memorable

…I’tll be perfect

Soon I’ll be hearing the stamps of the feet

Approaching the Cathedral’s door

My mentor my beloved father

To whom I dedicate that day

Yet it seemed a wrong season

For the saddest birds prefer to sing

Yet I waited and toiled

And the time…oh

Fast-paced as it has always been

Trapped me in devastating gloom

To the view of my colleagues with their dearest

Whilst I all alone

Came a thought of grief

“It will not be long” I’m enamoured at her voice

A slight utterance that gave mine a relief

And offered me herself to walk along

That glorious carpeted aisle, significant it is

My classmate’s mother I remember the face

Her warmth, and natural kindness, compelling

Is ever instilled

“I may replace him if you wish, just call me up

But have faith, it will not be long”

And I’m strong again