If I Were Your Minion

If I were a minion
I would follow your tracks
Along the coastal paths of travail
Even if the waves catches your trails
I’ll resist the waters, stubborn faced
Trampling my feet like a soldier fully geared
In a quest with you, I’ll remain unfeared
With Head so high and chin ever lifted!

If I were a minion,
I would laugh at every disgrace
Not to scorn you nor to cheer even
But to send this simple message-
That life is supposed to be happy
In despair, find the courage
To laugh and take things easy
To Be a fool at times, and feel unworthy

If I were your minion,
I would cry over your disdain upon my littleness
I would fear the inner harlequins with shiver and dismay
For I cupped this frail hands of mine for your love,
To serve you is what my life only offers to have ,
And appreciation is gem I will forever treasure,
I will never ask for more nor whatever you don’t care for,
But loving me back, just that, is a great thing I could ever hope for.

If I were your minion,
I’ll be your most loyal one
I will try to give meaning on your life
Contained in that solely lonely box,
I will be fat for you, if ever you’d wish
So you can cushion me on your sleep
I will concoct the best coffee among the finest beads
So we have the night till the morning weeps

If I were your minion
I’ll be with you in your dying hours
I will collect each falling snowflakes
Inside your favorite candy jar..
I will play your favorite symphony
And glide my fingers through your dainty hairs
I will kiss you mildly and collect each fainting breaths
In that sweet bed, of eternal mortem…