Hello School!

Smiles tell tales
Agony sank in a wink
and the world applauds
The moon has witnessed

Tomorrow I’ll  race
With rats and hogs
In the cage I’ll be fed
With letters and thorns.


Wisdom in Rest and Silence

bmcThis day is so wonderful to me. I am blessed with such lovely stories interwoven by the delicateness of perspectives in each experiences this day brought forth— a bit of mine and a pack of fresh whole blood from those around me.

GYNECOLOGY WARD DUTY @ Bulacan Medical Hospital

I might subconsciously derived this “goodvibes” feel of today from my classmate Joanne who has been warm and kind to me. She really is a nice person, I knew it by heart. My encounter issues with her has long been kindled because somehow I fail to engage myself to her for I was so closely attached to the people I used being with. In fact, I always see her as a person who triggers up the mood of everybody be it light or harsh for sometime hehe..but she is the type that will definitely lift the spirits of anybody or be a star in a party—well, the upside down version of me.

I wasn’t tired at all. Doing round VS every 8 am and 12 pm is usually tiring but not intoxicating at all like what I had at the Delivery Room. Yeah, standing for hours and looking for a sit might gave a “nega” factor. However, in times when you don’t do much except observing or getting the feel of the room you are unconsciously gaining the vastness of human nature. –The desire to live despite all resistance including being moneyless, the immeasurable selflessness of a loving husband or anyone who truly cares for you in times of grave ill, the one who almost at the edge of death act normally as she could, maintain as cheerful as she can, and to talk endlessly but sensibly touching peoples lives.

BIBLE EXPOSITION @ Ang Dating Daan Convention Center

My body is almost worn out, my mind not so, my spirit—free at peace. I went to exposition carrying my Mandarin book and my Paksaan. I did my assignment during Exposition but everytime Bro. Eli makes striking points—both analytical and biblical, can’t help but to stop and tell my self “ this crap can wait”. I love listening to the queries about the purpose of life, the questions asked by the psychologist, the weird-looking Hongkong national, from Davao and of course the pastor—My brain is multitasking till it reach the time that I fold my book and it was the Paksaan left alone lying at my lap. The pastor who called his HeadPastor without prior notice and appoint a debate with Bro. Eli made my night went wild. I was both nervous and pitiful to the head pastor cause the end is already predictable. –before the setting of schedule the whole thing was crazy like butterflies in both chest and belly. Really fun and funny. I noted Bro. Eli’s grace in speaking, light sarcasms, very intelligent deliveries of statement for the head pastor. He is extraordinary indeed! I am above fortunate to know and be shared of his teachings of Gospel.

Hoping to see that day, On January ,God willing, a debate will be hold.


Thank God for this day and this people. I feel a blessed human being. Being inside the true Church with my family, friends, brothers and sisters in faith makes me so overwhelmed.

OBWARD DAY 2: November 23, 2012

Patient 2

I can’t tell, is she half-awake or half-asleep?

She just delivered a cute baby boy—a preterm baby, less than 37 weeks AOG.

The baby is so bubbly and delicate, sweating under the droplight.

…She’s a bit disturbed and uncooperative, I understand and I liked it,

I don’t mean to turn her to a lab rat but I wish to find out how long can my patience take me.

No matter how she ignored or makes excuses whenever I ask her information, I still hang up.

No matter how she scold her eldest harshly in front of me and go out of bed without asking to leave, I still want her to be the subject of my case.

Alas! I tickled her interest..

When I asked her baby’s name and she said “Nephthali”. She named him after a bible character.

I immediately asks her religion and belief . Her eyes widen and turn her body towards me from a previous side-lying position.

I asked how she took care of her baby..

She said she took folic acid, eat Malunggay and seafoods.

She exercises too.

I just knew she really loved her baby..

That’s why she blame herself of what happened to him..