A Woman By The Sea

I could hear the echoes of pains unyields
That bangs from mountains to mountains
And yet no one seems to feel..
A cry that begets on the envious sea that swirls and pleads
For a man to hear and soothe the aches of thee

As the day went, she flashes turmoil of wails and howls
A mad woman with great disdain to the world denumbed
Above and beyond the ocean’s endless nation
My curious feet lead me to mysteries for exposition

I waited by the sea, eyes wanders on horizon
Watching sunsets flaunts like a divine tableau
Waves crashes to the shore, welcomed me with a huge embrace
I have fallen down the sand and enjoyed shivering with grace

I listened to a chant, across the shore in glee
That voice o’near sings gay far from the known misery
And the woman by the sea, now stands in front of me
Her structures were a delicate porcelain of theistic beauty

My shivering temples muted as she cloaked me with adoration,
Her silky arms and warm breath envirgor my manly predisposition
Each magical moment didn’t made to last, waves comeby and toppled us
And the fair just disappear, no where to be found,
Like its forever…

So I continued to wait by the majestic sea
And the sea continued to wait with me