Hello School!

Smiles tell tales
Agony sank in a wink
and the world applauds
The moon has witnessed

Tomorrow I’ll  race
With rats and hogs
In the cage I’ll be fed
With letters and thorns.



If ever the lonely cloud would drop by
And cast its tears on my skin
Maybe, I could also drenched all sadness
To sink deeper and deeper, away from me

They were stories plotted in aches
Clawed me in time my skin was rid of its defenses
And I just stood, turned away in fine feather
And hid those tears carefully behind my hair

They were lonely, but never alone
I envied the clouds, how they held each other
Looking beyond, there was I- Cold and wet
Resting my chilled hands way in my jacket’s pocket

It’s the agony of absence,
Like how a bird flights on his way home
All by herself, or like a single sheet of paper
Hovering in unknown places by the winds

Im calling you out in silence, good soul
Save me from disgraces
Please whisper in my faint ears
You were my dearest, my soul delights

In my stubborn hair, although strands
Caped my face, I feel so safe in your arms
Your breath would calm my heart
The warmth of your skin is life

Won’t Let Us Go

The journey of our love has many pages
That Winds flutter each
I’d blanket in your lips as I read
In a fruitcake weather

In the beginning we were just 2 hearts
Unaware that universe made a plot
The climax rests in your softest kisses
Till I drown in the waters of your love

I never wish for it to end..
Even if lips of mine, a liar instead
At the core of enkindling heart
I will love you, till the end

For that story we’re weaving
In threaded bliss of togetherness
Even the scars of romances
Is ever worth telling,

It is the tale of transition
How love makes a woman of mistake, succeeds
And so, even if love’s unloved
My bitterest pain is to see you leave

Please be there for us
Because my heart knew we’re meant together
Despite the thorns, the hurdles all along
We will find our way back to each other


It Will Be Over

Heavy with breaths
I am presumptuous
In these turbulent times of mine
Gnashing of teeth in the dead garage
One night, when all are asleep
I’d be like a mad machine
One morning, when all are awake
I’d be deaf in your afflict

My strongholds are off to falter
I looked for a hand to save beyond despair
To cry for nymphs and cheer by me, but no one came
No one…
They slumber like fools, talking like a numbed savvy
Knew nothing about what was going on
Like a poor robbed off his cloak in the winter
I drifted and vanished in the darkness of chaos

A Woman By The Sea

I could hear the echoes of pains unyields
That bangs from mountains to mountains
And yet no one seems to feel..
A cry that begets on the envious sea that swirls and pleads
For a man to hear and soothe the aches of thee

As the day went, she flashes turmoil of wails and howls
A mad woman with great disdain to the world denumbed
Above and beyond the ocean’s endless nation
My curious feet lead me to mysteries for exposition

I waited by the sea, eyes wanders on horizon
Watching sunsets flaunts like a divine tableau
Waves crashes to the shore, welcomed me with a huge embrace
I have fallen down the sand and enjoyed shivering with grace

I listened to a chant, across the shore in glee
That voice o’near sings gay far from the known misery
And the woman by the sea, now stands in front of me
Her structures were a delicate porcelain of theistic beauty

My shivering temples muted as she cloaked me with adoration,
Her silky arms and warm breath envirgor my manly predisposition
Each magical moment didn’t made to last, waves comeby and toppled us
And the fair just disappear, no where to be found,
Like its forever…

So I continued to wait by the majestic sea
And the sea continued to wait with me

Alone with Everybody

Someone pours a story of their past
And here, my mind started to wander
How time falters in specks of Lissom time
Im alone with the others

And while I dream in little secrets
I channeled inside the inner child
With her fairy tale stories bound in a fancy book room
With a fancy tea set nearby

Now my tale runs in a forest
pretending I was the culprit who steal grandmas cakes
And all the while I was dreaming of a hill withered in skies
A voice rumbles, ‘do you have anything to share?’

It was indeed the end of my Journey
Alone by myself
I just sat dumbfounded,
Looking at everyone else

If I Were Your Minion

If I were a minion
I would follow your tracks
Along the coastal paths of travail
Even if the waves catches your trails
I’ll resist the waters, stubborn faced
Trampling my feet like a soldier fully geared
In a quest with you, I’ll remain unfeared
With Head so high and chin ever lifted!

If I were a minion,
I would laugh at every disgrace
Not to scorn you nor to cheer even
But to send this simple message-
That life is supposed to be happy
In despair, find the courage
To laugh and take things easy
To Be a fool at times, and feel unworthy

If I were your minion,
I would cry over your disdain upon my littleness
I would fear the inner harlequins with shiver and dismay
For I cupped this frail hands of mine for your love,
To serve you is what my life only offers to have ,
And appreciation is gem I will forever treasure,
I will never ask for more nor whatever you don’t care for,
But loving me back, just that, is a great thing I could ever hope for.

If I were your minion,
I’ll be your most loyal one
I will try to give meaning on your life
Contained in that solely lonely box,
I will be fat for you, if ever you’d wish
So you can cushion me on your sleep
I will concoct the best coffee among the finest beads
So we have the night till the morning weeps

If I were your minion
I’ll be with you in your dying hours
I will collect each falling snowflakes
Inside your favorite candy jar..
I will play your favorite symphony
And glide my fingers through your dainty hairs
I will kiss you mildly and collect each fainting breaths
In that sweet bed, of eternal mortem…